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A WEBSITE TO TEST YOUR INTELLIGENCE AND SOLVE INTELLIGENCE CHALLENGING PUZZLES. Alot of nice and also free tests with instant score. High-level logical tests measuring very high IQ. Tests with unique & nice logics.

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Welcome to ZollyDarko.com !

I am an artist, a designer of IQ tests, writer and poet, gifted with a high level of creativity and intelligence.
I've been around for a long year and started already as a teenager developing IQ tests.
I hope that you enjoy my work and want to try my tests!
I also have other creations than IQ tests which can be found on my site ZollySite.com
This website is however mainly devoted to IQ testing.

I highly recommend that you read my Data File before trying any of my payment-required (send-to) tests.

Note: Do not take the scores of the tests on my site as your accurate IQ. I am more or less an amateur making intelligence-challenging puzzles. The tests are normed by item difficulty and testees' scores. If you want an accurate IQ for your results I recommend that you try my tests at IQexams.net (Which are normed professionally.)

( This website works best on PC and with a 1080p resolution.
If you feel the font is too small you can press ctrl + and use the mouse scroll to make it larger or smaller. )

If you want to be updated about new tests @ my site or other similar news from me Feel free to join my Facebook group.

If you need to contact me my e-mail address is: [email protected]

You can find my IQ tests Here!
You can have yourself listed in the Hall of Fame.

(My send-to test scores can be used for membership in ENIGMA Society & SYNAPSE IQ Societies & STAR intellects high IQ society & Catholiq high IQ society)

I have designed tests for IQExams.net
And I have sold tests to brainzilla.com
I am the designer of the tests @ IQhaven.com
IQnavi.net and the tests was originally created by me.

New IQ project = iQuizly.com
The tests at this site will be short and simple.

You can find other tests designed by me @ IQ-land.net
The tests on this site will be normed professionally!
The site is hosted by Henrik Nilheim, and the script/programming is made by him.

You can sign the Forum if you have things to comment or say about my site and the tests,
or just to say hello.

My works & Related links:

My tests @ IQExams.net

The tests are normed professionally. I highly recommend these tests if you're looking for an accurate IQ result when testing.
    Ox3 Test 30 odd one out items (logical/numerical) / 40 minutes timelimit.
    Zalphanum Test 40 numerical and alphabetical items / 60 minutes timelimit.
    E.L.I.T. 27 items (numerical & verbal.) / 30 minutes timelimit.
    Matrix-Reloaded 23 spatial items / 20 minutes timelimit.
    ZDT-3 16 dot sequence items/ 30 minutes timelimit.
    EVE 38 verbal items/ 25 minutes timelimit.
    Angeliq-Test 30 numerical and logical items/ 60 minutes timelimit.
    W-Test 30 verbal items/ 40 minutes timelimit.
    Zolly's XoXo Test 33 tic tac toe items/ 30 minutes timelimit.
    Numba 2 40 numerical items/ 2h timelimit.
    Zundark Test Spatial and numerical (38 items.) / 40m timelimit.
    ZDT Pro 33 dot sequence items / 30 minutes timelimit.
    Zolly's Dot Test 33 dot sequence items/ 20 minutes timelimit.
    SAN Test Spatial & numerical 33 items / 30 minutes timelimit.
    Zolly's Eazy Test Spatial & numerical 38 items / 40 minutes timelimit.
    Complex Test 32 spatial items/ 27 minutes timelimit.
    Loginum Test Spatial & numerical 25 items / 35 minutes timelimit.
    Zolly's Visual Logical Test Perspective speed test / 40 items / 25 minutes timelimit.
    Spat48 48 spatial items / 35 minutes timelimit.
    N&L Test spatial & numerical 37 items/ 45 minutes timelimit.
    Arrow Test 20 spatial items / 15 minutes timelimit.
    Luxus Test 30 spatial items / 45 minutes timelimit.
    Last of Logics Test II 28 spatial items / 45 minutes timelimit.
    Uran Test spatial & numerical 42 items / 42 minutes timelimit.
    Chrome Test spatial & small numerical part / 30 items / 35 minutes timelimit.
    Last of Logics Test 24 spatial items / 45 minutes timelimit.
    NOZD numerical & spatial / 45 items / 60 minutes timelimit.
For further information, see https://iqexams.net/plans.php

List of Members:

• Carlos Olivan
• Thariq
• Igor/ Night
• Shinji Higuchi
• James Milk
• Petr from Rotava
• Plamen
• Rodrigo Motta
• Radek Smola
• Juan Carlos Delgado
• Pecik
• tomas
• Daniel Fourie
• Daniel Miranda
• Jin
• Soojung Bae
• Benyamin Sadra
• Nicos Gerasimou
• Alex Tolio
• Jeremiah Jason Burtis
• Hussein Madi
• Ivo Gerhold
• Andrew Hayles
• Goungaf Saâd
• Lee Sunggil
• Edward Bailey
• Vasil Senis
• Srinwan Roy
• Victor Hingsberg
• Konstantinos Ntalachanis
• Jason Rasmussen Robert
• Domagoj Domo Kutle
• Mauricio Dario Bravo
• Kishan Harrysingh
• Yash Kapoor
• Tim Roberts
• Jo Christopher Resquites
• Eddy Floury
• Nitish Joshi
• Jesse Hemsworth
• Tim Mahony
• James Gordon
• Henrik Nilheim
• Kirk Mahone
• Lorenzo Amadori
• Martin Engstler
• JooHyung Park

@ more!

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[International Culture Fair Intelligence Test]
[Star Intellects]
[Russian Doll. Analogies Test]
[Pattern Recognition Test]

If you want to be listed as a member of ZollyDarko.com please send me an e-mail and let me know!
If you want your IQ site to be listed in the links send an e-mail as well!

Info about me:

Full name: Christian Paul Backlund.
Alias: Zolly Darko.
Born: 1986 in Finland.
Astrology: Aquarius & Fire Tiger.
Height: 180 cm / 5'11".
Weight: ~66 kilograms / 145 lbs.
Hair color: Brown / light brown.
Eye color: Blue/green/gray.
Nationality: Finland.
Religion: Agnostic christian.
Education: Life experience / OK with computers.
Profession: IQ test designer, writer, artist (painter.)
More: Diagnosed with hebephrenic schizophrenia.
Talents: Artistic, poetic, creative, wisdom, empath.
Estimated IQ: 155 (sd=15) (Asterix test by Jason Betts.)


Picture of me

My Quotes:

"It takes a genius to spot the intelligence in a madman."

"I am too intelligent to be religious, but intelligent enough to believe in God."

"We cannot proove or disproove the existence of a God therefor the wise answer is: I don't know."

"The devil can show you hell, but it is God that decides where you spend eternity."

"If you have been through hell you now appreciate the heaven you are in."

"Life is relative; It can always be worse and it can always be better."

"Logic is order to insanity."

& Much more...

-- Zolly Darko.

My treasures:

My score for Asterix test Star intellects Gifted high IQ network Catholiq high IQ society Enigma IQ Society

Achieved high score @

Tic Tac Toe test
My highest score on Ivan Ivec's free test Tic Tac Toe.
I tried the test a few times however; but am happy for my score !

(Note! I have got much lesser IQ results on tests too. But I am good at items like Tic Tac Toe and Asterix.)

Score at Mensa.no @

Mensa Norway Free Test

Info about IQ:

An IQ-curve with sd=15 and sd=16:

An IQ curve

Levels of Intelligence quotent:

IQ (sd=15) Comment
170 and above Extremely gifted
155 - 169 Exceptionally gifted
145 - 154 Highly gifted
130 - 144 Very superior
120 - 129 Superior
110 - 119 High average
90 - 109 Average
80 - 89 Low average
70 - 79 Borderline
69 and below Extremely low

An average human has an IQ of 85 to 115 accordingly to the Standard Deviation of 15. There is also the SD 16 (Stanford-binet.) and sd 24 (Catell) which Mensa sometimes uses. You can find a score-table with the rarity of IQ scores Here. IQ tests may measure a part of your intelligence but there are also parts of your intelligence that IQ tests do not measure. This is why because if you have scored bad on IQ tests it doesn't make you stupid or mean that you have a low intelligence. However IQ tests does measure a big part of your intelligence. If you score good on IQ tests the chance you have for a succesful life is ofc much higher. Some disabilities like ADHD, depression and schizophrenia will affect your IQ score as well (But you can receive a much better result if your condition is improved.) Most IQ tests are culture fair which means they do not require any further knowledge to solve the test items. Culture fair tests are tests usually based on spatial intelligence (figure series,analogies,matrices etc.) Not all tests on the Internet is accurate. A good idea also is to compare your results with other tests and through that determine about how high your Intelligence quotent is.

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News & Info:

    Today I've changed the background of the site, made Hall of Fame free of charge to be listed.
    I also worked with the forum a bit. My send-to testing goes slow but now and then people are trying them.
    I also have added a new puzzle for iQuizly.com
    Thanks to you all who tries my tests ! =) also if you want to support me give the Send-to tests a Go !

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