Zolly's G-Puzzles

A test for the highly gifted --- in the range of superior genius skills. Puzzles created by Christian Backlund (aka: Zolly Darko.)
Test has been available since 28/3/2023 @ zollydarko.com

No time-limit. Using references if you need help with knowledge is allowed. No discussing test items with others or posting your solutions elsewhere. Send in test solutions to [email protected] with mail subject "G-Puzzles " Use this text-file to copy& paste your solutions into an email. (Do not send your solutions in a image-file or document-file but paste them directly into the email.) The test is currently free of charge (It's free to try this test.) There is no second-submission however. Everyone that tries this test will be listed here with given name and score. Use your real name and if you want to be anonymous on the list let me know. The test is considered very difficult and already a score of 1 raw will be considered good. You are free to mention more than one solution if you find several possible logics for a puzzle - if you do this you must also give an explanation for your solutions. A few of the items have more than one solution as answer key. The test is not completely culture fair but the knowledge required is not very demanding.

The great list of testees:

Testee Raw score
Mauricio D. Chau 9
Nistor Sebastian-Claudiu 9
Stephane Eymenier 8
Jose E. Benlloch 7
Juan G. Liebana 7
Anonymous 4
T D 4
Anonymous 3
Anonymous 2
Brandon Pakker 2
Anonymous 1
Ivan Veljačić 1
Jake Osama 1
Kobayashi 1

IQ score per raw score:

Norm updated: 20/3/2024.

Raw IQ sd=15 Raw IQ sd=15
1 120 7 155
2 130 8 160
3 138 9 164
4 144 10 168
5 148 11 172
6 152 12 175+

You need at least 1 raw to be listed on the scores-list!
Norm added 17/7/2023.

The G-puzzles:


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