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So far I have only published one book on Amazon Kindle;
If I'll publish more they will be added here.

[[ The Suffering of Jack Hyde @ amazon kindle ]]


A collection of stories by an intelligent and creative mind.
Stories of poetry, philosophy and madness. Created as fiction and to be read as entertainment. (Warning for sensitive readers.)
"Im the kinda guy you think he's an average joe but when you get to know him you ll see that there's a fine line between genius and insane."

Some of these stories may be aggressive, dark and painful. I do not recommend sensitive readers to read this what I have written and collected. However if you read it; read as entertainment only. This has some weird stories, also facts about the mental illness known as schizophrenia, and how you may feel when being delusional and in anxiety. Note that this is fiction and fantasy, with some truth. It may give you a good insight of what thoughts someone with schizophrenia might have. These stories are also related to the suffering of anxiety and what thoughts I've had when having anxiety. It is also my life and life experience; being a spirit sentenced to a life of suffering. Some of these stories are a part of whats happened in my life, in my dreams, and so on. But much of it is also made up, just fiction for the entertainment of reading. I hope that the reader will like this what I have written and collected as a book. The stories are not necessarily connected to each other. This is a collection of poetry and philosophy, madness and hell, by an intelligent and creative mind. Note as well my mother language is not english, so I hope you can accept that its not perfectly written; however in my oppinion it is worth reading. I myself do not read books, so this will be unique and I don't think anyone else has written anything like this. I hope you'll enjoy passing through the dark dimensions of schizophrenia!

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