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2024-05-27 16:00

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2024-05-23 17:25

I understand such concern, but this seems more of a personal attack-accusation.
Afterall, the unnecessary mention of Matematrix may prove so.
Zolly was given exclusive credit for Matematrix in the form; and also informed personally-

As for the score, there was an official typo (correct solution, written incorrect).
Point was granted right after official correction, as spotted by me.
Paul most definitely must have forgotten of this, since my submission was in 2020, and I believe reverted it to 17/18 at some point in time, probably due to file overlap.

Now with some elementary deduction, one could have possibly deduced that the "X" at 17/18 may have been mine, especially after apparently noticing Venus leaderboards, but I guess this was not something to entertain!

Even so; this completely nullifies your pre-assuming attitude of supposedly "inflating" ZD Master's norm, it is in-fact by choice I have chosen the test to be the representative one in the leaderboard (as opposed to ZD legenda).
As I believe that achieving similar results on ZD Master is a much harder feat, with beautiful and novel problems :)

I personally offered to norm ZD Master for Zolly.
I think it is the best test from the available, and much deserving of attention - extremely difficult too, by the way.
Most Zolly Tests are heavily underrated (IMO), and I'd like to see some being procedurally normed.

In addition, I do not particularly need the suggested "inflation" according to you, as there are multiple scores in this ball-park, which could serve as an alternative.
i.e: EloLogics 24/24, Amoriq 31/33, Paxilux 31/32, etc.
In fact; a second attempt on Amoriq would already suffice-

Thankful to your keen observation, I have made a second attempt on ZD Legenda !
And for the moment being (test of choice to present in scoreboard).

Mr. FFGF, feel free to try ZD Master, it must be a cakewalk for you.

2024-05-20 15:20
Also letting your own testee (Alex Tolio) to norm the test that he has taken (ZD Master test), and publish the result 173 on the hall of fame, I don't know what to say to that kind of behaviour. I'm not saying that he added couple of points to be higher on the listing... ... but it is a possibility!
2024-05-20 11:49
Alex Tolio 177 iq disappearance MYSTERY. According to this site he got it on the first attempt on the ZD legenda test https://venushighiqsociety.org/index.php/world-gen ius-registry, but I don't see the x on the 18 177+ line here https://zollydarko.com/iq-tests/data.htm. I know I saw it there before. Can you please explain what is going on Mr. Zolly? And if you are wondering who replicated your test https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScyPmQSgE XXIsNvBty44TX_gU6JJZoudchPTgI-YoXBPk5Qsg/viewform it was that Alex Tolio guy!
Wonders of the world
2024-04-14 11:36
Looks fine to me.
finland 2024-04-08 14:48
Im testing the guestbook! =)
Feel free to write to me here. give feedback, etc.


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