Zolly's Hall of Fame

Read the below before sending an e-mail!

You can have yourself listed here (Your full name, Country, IQ test and score) with any given score you've received on any of my available sendto tests. You may as well use the score of your second attempt. To be listed here you need to pay a fee of 3€ to my paypal= [email protected]
If you want an update to any of the scores the fee is also 3€. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with mail subject "Zolly's Hall of Fame."

My free tests are not allowed for listing or tests made by other IQ test designers. It is recommended you use the score which is the highest you got on any of my sendto tests. Your given IQ will be accordingly to current norm. Do not forget to mention your full name and country also for the listings!

If the norm of any given test is updated your IQ will also be updated accordingly (For the fairness of all testees.)

I hope that people are willing to have their names listed here!

The List of Scores!

Konstantinos Ntalachanis Greece ZUN Test 178+
Alex Toliopoulos Greece ZD Legenda Test 177+
Domagoj Kutle Croatia ZD Legenda Test 174
Nistor Sebastian-Claudiu Romania Ephesus Test 168
Mauricio Dario Chau Argentina EZ-IQ Test 165+
Juan Carlos Delgado Venezuela ZUN Test 164
Andrew Hayles USA Ephesus Test 162
Lorenzo Amadori Italy ZSI Test 158
Martin Engstler Austria ZSI Test 158
Filip De Meulenaere Belgium TUNE 155
Javier Hilario Spain ZSI Test 155
Nicos Gerasimou Cyprus EZ-IQ Test 154
Nils Westman Sweden ZD Legenda Test 149
Tim Gatty United Kingdom W-Test 142

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