*** The Theos Test ***

A high-range numerical/logical IQ test by Christian Backlund aka: Zolly Darko. Available since 15/12/2019 @ zollydarko.com

No time-limit (recommended time: A few hours.)
Pencil, paper and a pocket calculator is allowed.
No discussing test items with others or posting your solutions elsewhere.
10€ must be sent to my paypal= [email protected] for correcting the test.
Second submission is also a fee of 10€.
Send your solutions to: z[email protected] with mail subject "Theos Test answers. "
Use this text-file to copy& paste your answers into the e-mail.
You'll receive your result within a few hours up to 3 days.

If you'd find more than one logical solution mention them both with an explanation.

Good luck and Enjoy!

The test:

#Numerical-logical sequences.

Which number and /or letter(s) should logically replace the question-marks?

#Numerical-logical relations.

Which number or letter should logically replace the question-marks?

#Dot sequences.

Which figure of A to F should logically be next from the figures to the top?

End of test

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