A logical high-range IQ test by Christian Backlund aka: Zolly Darko.
Available since 22/4/2020 @ zollydarko.com

There is no time-limit. A pencil, paper and a pocket calculator is allowed.
No discussing test items with others or posting your solutions elsewhere.
Use this text-file to copy& paste your solutions into the e-mail.
A fee of 10€ must also be sent to my paypal= [email protected] (For correcting the test.)
Second submission is also a fee of 10€.

Do not send your solutions in a image-file or any kind of document file (Use the text-file to copy&paste your solutions into the e-mail.)
Send your solutions to [email protected] with mail subject "Gamma Test answers."
It may take up to 3 days before you'll receive your result.

NOTE! The test is not completely culture fair and consist of some very difficult logics. Even one correct answer is a good IQ score. It is highly recommended that you spend several hours on the test. Google may be used if needed (but not for cheating!) Also recheck your solutions incase there is a better (more logical and accurate.) solution. Usually the logics of this test are culture fair and simple. No mathematical knowledge is needed or any other kind but knowing the english language is highly recommended. The knowledge required to solve these test items is not demanding and most people consist of the knowledge that is required for this test.

Good luck and enjoy!

The test:

    [1] 315,320,520,46,46,319,519,55,414,320,65,620,_____

    [2] 23,224,623,_____,18395

    [3] PC,Exit,Corner,Letter=?

    [4] WASD,Bow=?

    [5] Dc=004::Xim=?

    [6] * *** ** () *** *********

    [7] * ** ** *** :: *** * *** **** :: * * ()

    [8] Alpha,Beta,???,F

    [9] Ping=Sing::Paint=?

    [10] 10101010,100100100,10001000,?

    [11] 18181,16416,14194,11362,_____

    [12] 75,524,1415,54,1921,_____,19

    [13] R=45::G=145518::B=?

    [14] NAM(_)NAH

    [15] +26,*169,-0,/1=?

    [16] ()B,M(),R(),()X,D(),()S=?

    [17] X=54::M=686::I=2::L=?

    [18] 00100,10101,10001,11011,_____,01110

End of test.

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