Backlund's Sequence Test

Culture fair IQ test with instant result, Completely free to try and receive your score!

You have 25 minutes to finish this test (So be quick to begin when you go to the test page.)

Pencils and papers is not allowed.
Make sure you perform this test undisturbed, also try this test not more than twice for most accurate results.
Wait a few weeks before you try the test again.

Your test will be auto scored after time is out.

The test consist of 45 5x5 dot sequence items and measures your IQ (sd15) up to 165.
People that are used with my tests may get a higher score.

In each item you must figure out which of the figures A to F should logically follow from the figures to the left.
The test begins easy and becomes harder. Do not spend too much time on one item but if you cannot solve it within a minute
jump to the next item instead. Some people may perform badly on this test considering the short timelimit.
The test is a speed test which may not suit everyone. The norm might change to be more accurate.

Item example=

Good luck and enjoy!

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