Backlunds Intelligence Test I

A free mixed IQ related test @ by Christian Backlund aka Zolly Darko.
Free to try and receive your score!

This is a free IQ test with instant result. The Rules for the test is: Timelimit is 60 minutes and will auto-score after the time is out. A pocket calculator for the numerical items is allowed. Make sure that you work with the test undisturbed and ofcourse do not discuss the test with others while performing this test. If you cannot solve an item within a few minutes or so jump to the next question. Try the test not more than twice for more accurate scores, however wait a few weeks before you try the test again. There is no score penalty of wrong answers, so please do guess also! The test consist of 45 IQ-related items (numerical, alphabetical and spatial/dot sequence items.) This test measures your IQ up to 168 Sd 15.

The norm is still theoretical.

Test updates:

[Norm updated. 18/12/2019.]
[Item 18 & 28 updated, fixed some errors too. 30/11/2019.]

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