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2023-01-16 14:24
Hey everyone. Henrik will launch a new site "IQ-land.net "
With my previous tests for iqteZt dot com. and other tests will be added too
(designed by me. )
The tests will be profesionally normed. but there will be a fee to receive a result. So stay tuned, the site is not finished yet. but Henrik (owner of IQexams) is working on it. I hope that you want to share iq-land.net on your community sites so it gets visitors. I am currently also working on a new test. but I
have not planned for it as a send-to test but I will use it in a near future.
Feel free to give feedback, all of you who has tried my tests,
If you like them? and why? or if you dont like them !

Reply 1 - 2023-04-24 14:50
With this shopping new site iq-land.net, I'm guessing that iqnavi.net and iqtezt.com will not be rebuild!
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